5 Ways to stay motivated at work

Being motivated at work is really important and possibly the one thing that most people lack in the working environment. Motivation leads to achievement which in-turn leads to happiness.

These tips can easily help you stay motivated and achieve your daily goals.

  1. Release all negative thoughts
  • Start your day on a positive note, the moment you wake up decide that today is going to be a good day. Try to stay away from people that constantly complain, if you are one of them then stop complaining and start finding solutions to your complaints.


  1. Commit to doing your best
  • With the right mind set anything is possible, whether you are working on a project, doing clients make up or a stay at home mom, do and be your best at that.


  1. Make a to-do list
  • My absolute ritual, every morning when I enter the office I set up my laptop and have a look at my to do list from the previous day, viewing all the things I achieved, I then start a new list carrying over all tasks I was unable to complete and set it as priority.  As I complete I would delete/draw a line through  the task.


  1. Take Breaks
  • Super important. Your body, brain and mind needs a break at least every hour.

Take a walk around the block, get some lunch, and chat to a colleague.


  1. Interact with people
  • Whether you’re working in a corporate environment, coffee shop or movie set, the people around you are your work family, get to know one-another, make a friend, someone you can take breaks and have a laugh with.

Let me know what you do to stay motivated at work.




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