6 Awesome ways to make money on the side in 2017

  1. Baking
  • If you do love baking and experimenting this is awesome for you, baking as a side hustle can definitely turn into a long term success, but for those of us like me who do not spend much time in the kitchen but know how to follow recipes, have a look at these blogs that will make baking seem like an exciting quite fun piece of art, and of course package your goodies perfectly and you’re ready to make some money, I mean who doesn’t like cookies any day.




  1. Sell your old stuff
  • Whether you have old clothes, electronics, shoes that you have barely worn. There may be someone out there looking for exactly what you have at a bargain price, of course you already know the advertising sites, just in case you forgot see below.




  1. Join an advertising agency/ become an extra in a movie
  • Agencies pay really well when you’re the perfect fit, and not everyone is looking for skinny tall models, you’d be required to pay a signup fee usually around R150-R200 for your portfolio photos that will be taken at the studio, the agency will then contact you with available castings/ extra jobs that you may be fit for.




  1. Create Holiday & Birthday crafts
  • If you are creative and can think of cool things to put together this is the job for you, I honestly would love for a hand crafted gift for any occasion, it somewhat feels more personal. Check out these sites for inspiration.




  1. Earn commission by selling beauty products
  • Who doesn’t like beauty and skin care products, this is kind of an easy one, I know many people at different age groups making money and earning cars from this one. How it works is you sign up, receive a brochure, then show a bunch of your friends, they’ll order what they love and you make a commission from it, sometimes you’ll receive free gifts as well. Check out the below sites if you’re interested.




  1. Become an Uber driver
  • If you check the boxes of owning a reliable car, having a valid license and pretty confident about your driving skills, then why not become and uber driver in your spare time. You can do this in the evenings, over weekends, the best thing about being an uber driver is that you control your income, the amount of hours you work is entirely up to you.



What other things have you done to earn extra cash? Send me a mail.


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