Bangkok City

Bangkok, where do i start?

The malls, the fashion, the sophisticated section of Thailand (hope that’s okay to say)

We flew to Bangkok after staying in Phuket for 3 days and damn was I impressed,

We stayed in 2 different locations to get the full experience of Bangkok, the first area was more central, fancier high-end area, the second was on the other side of Bangkok great hotel better than the first and located amongst the locals, we ended up being the only tourists in the area.

We mostly used the trains to get around, this might seem weird but I was impressed being in an air conditioned train, watching the LCD screens informing you of the next stations. There are security everywhere ensuring your safety, everyone was so uniformed standing on the right hand side of the escalator, walking only in the middle when exiting a train.

Let me tell you about the malls and the fashion, I could sit for hours on the street watching the latest fashion trends pass me by, their malls were crazy big and nothing like I was used to.

We spent hours in malls, gracing stores like Chanel, Victoria Secret, Dior, you name it, and it was there.

Best of all the prices of those outfits were affordable, I purchased pants, dresses, shirts, bags, and even a new cell phone called Oppo- the selfie expert, this cell phone was specifically designed for selfies where the front camera was better than the back camera.

I would definitely recommend this section of Thailand to those who want to shop the latest outfits, gadgets, brands etc.


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