Phuket City


It’s been one week since I’ve retuned from Thailand

There are so many things about this wonderful country in Asia that I want to share with you, I spent just over 2 weeks there and it has already latched onto me.

This was my first international trip and it started off by heading to the airport, getting onto the plane all by myself for a 9hr flight, I was honestly more excited than scared, it feels like a mini adventure when I do anything by myself. I had a 3 hour layover in Dubai then hop onto my next 6 hr flight to Thailand.

First stop Phuket City, you may know it as the island of Thailand with many nightclubs and bars.

Day 1 – We went touring from our hotel to the vendors selling their fresh fruit shakes to clothing markets, shopping malls and later checked out their crazy nightlife in Bangla road (the road that awakens as the sun sets)

Day 2 – We visited Big Buddha and explored the elephants.

Day 3 – Spent some time at the beach and got our feet bitten/played with by a tank full of Garra rufa fish.


Phuket is beautiful, the water is warm, the people are amazing, stores are cheap, and you can get a massage, haircut or food at any time of the day/night.

For those of you like me who don’t eat everything and is concerned about whether they will have food that is halaal or kosher, I can assure you, you will find food that fits your requirement. Thailand generates a lot of their income from tourists so you will find whatever it is you’re looking for.

I purchased some brightly coloured shorts and skirts to fit in with the summer island scene as most of my clothes are black, I also got my hand henna tattooed by one of the local females on the beach.

I would recommend this part of Thailand for those who loves the beach, want to let their hair down and for the party animals.

Keep a look out for my next post about what happens in Bangkok.


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