Be in the Driver seat of your Happiness

We’ve all heard the saying “it’s never too late to start over”, I believe that when one door closes, another one opens, maybe a more sparkly pretty one or one that will change your life forever.

I have always lived life on the “safe” side, never took any risks or chances, until recently, 7 months ago to be exact. I decided to let go, be free, I decided to take risks even when I had no idea of the outcome, I even moved out of my parents house (big girl right). Today, I am free to be me, more independent, I don’t over think as much, I am not afraid of things not working out anymore, I am more excited for my life than I have ever been.

I mean this is what your 20’s should be all about, letting go of trying to control how others see you or what they think of you and rather value how you see yourself, how to truly be happy with yourself.

So, what do you need to remember to be truly happy

1.       Let go of expectations.

This is super important, some would say, expectations is directly proportionate to disappointment.

2.       Never dwell on the past

Why ponder about what you cannot change

3.       Never underestimate quality time with yourself.

 Also known as investing in yourself, because who else is going to.

4.       Always work on improving yourself.

 Again, super important, be proud of yourself and never give up on your goals, most importantly stop comparing!

5.       Stop treating your body badly.

This was a tough one for me, I thought I was living my best life when I was sleeping as late as I could on weekends and eating out at restaurants and fast foods every day of the week without exercise, if you’re doing this STOP. Try and wake up early and explore what the day brings, be conscious of what you eat and do some form of exercise when you can, this contributes big time to your mind-set.

6.       Embrace change.

Take chances and risks, yes you may regret it but it may have also been the best choice you have made, plus life lesson (makes you stronger right).

7.       Stop worrying about the things you cannot influence.

What’s the point? People are going to do what they want. You just need to worry about doing you.

8.       Never attach happiness to the future.

Happiness is in the moment, that person, that bag, the gadget, that feeling.

9.       Always smile.

This one took me a while to understand, especially since everyone is into the resting bitch face lately, but… some-one wise once said, your smile is your best asset.

10.     Never forget those who love you

When we are in new relationships or a fancy new job and life just gets busy we tend to push those away that we once cherished, I’m not saying you need to spend all your time with them as you once did, all I am saying is, send a text or call, always remember those people that had a positive impact in your life.

 Let me know what you’ve done to take control of your happiness


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